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Say 'No democracy no loan. No human rights no donation.' An appeal to the loaner and donor countries of the world

Mongol Vision News | 26 अप्रिल 2019

Say 'No democracy no loan. No human rights no donation.' An appeal to the loaner and donor countries of the world

नेपालको वास्तविक राजनिती समस्या र यसको समाधानको निमित्त नेपालमा लोकतन्त्र, धर्मनिरपेक्ष र प्रान्तीय सरकार हुनुपर्ने र नेपालमा वर्णभेदी निति चरम भएकोले मानवअधिकार हनन भएको कारण अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय जगतलाई ध्यानाकर्षण गराउँन युग पुरुष अमर डा.गोपाल गुरुङले पठाउनु भएको पत्रको नमुना जस्ताको त्यस्तै




  Say 'No democracy no loan. No human rights no donation.' An appeal to the loaner and donor countries of the world
                                          March /21/2000     
On behalf of the Mongol National Organization (MNO) and myself; I the Founder President of this organization request you to the loaner and donor countries of the world and SARC countries. Please give pressure to the palace and it's gov. For democratization in politics and give human rights at earliest possible. And tell them to give up racial discrimination  against mulbasi (indigenous) non-Hindu Mongol people of Nepal. Mulbasi (indigenous) doesn't mean Adibasi (emigrants) and janjatese (gypsy, nomad). Adibasi and janjatese are not mulbasi (indigenous). Nepal's real political battle is based not on ideology but on race and religion. The political battle of Nepal is based on Indo-Aryan Hindu Vs, non-Hindu mulbasi (indigenous) Mongol. So, it makes not much difference with system of despotic family shah rule, Rana family regime, panchayat system and multiparty system. Unless  this country will have no republican, secularism and province wise government racism will continue. Republican, secularism and province wise government opens the first phase of democracy and human rights and it helps us to break racial discrimination. Hindu Aryan rulers are imperialist to this country. So, they can not even think for the  rights and human rights of the mulbasi (indigenous) Mongol people in Nepal. This is an authentic prove since 1559 Ad to update. In 1990, multiparty system restored and I went to the office of the election commission to submit application of MNO for recognize of Mongol National Organization. But application  was turn down. And I requested some foreign journalist about my problems, later I was called on by some of the members of election  commission and had a long chat with me. Then the official took my application 15 minutes before the office close. But Mongol National Organization (MNO) was not recognized  only because of the name Mongol and I am a Buddhist. I know it is absolutely not justice not only for me but also for all mulbasi (indigenous) Mongol people of the Nepal and it is absolute violation of human rights and the political rights of our people introduce by united nation.
           Election commission used the article 113 (3) of so called constitution and it was used wrongfully and forcefully against me. In fact this sub article of the article can not be used to non-Hindus and Mongol,Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Sick and Jain are not Hindu. In fact this so called constitution is not constitution but tripartite agreement of palace baun chetri, congress baun chetri and communist baun chetri. In search of democracy and human rights; I spent another one decade since 1990 to 2000 but in vain. The following efforts of ten years are some of  the burning examples and attitude of racist rulers of every where in thus country. At last with my last hope as well as my last effort ; I am before you loaner and donor country. As such ate my effects just before taking fin decision of dor or perish move and bring forward declaration of arms movement or arms struggle  for a holy battle for the salvation of century and old suppression and oppression of racist Hindu Aryan imperialist on us. It will be first and last battle against invader; racist Hindu Aryan. In case of our victory, we will gain many things those were lost long ago; but if we lost the battle we will lose nothing except our life. I have left no stone unturned to restore our rights those are democracy and human rights but it is made crying in the wilderness. The following are my efforts in a decade and I have submitted here some documents about the meaning of mulbasi (indigenous), Adibasi (emigrants), Janjatese (gypsy) and I have also attached here with some documents. It clears how the gypsies (Janjatese) are cheating outside world in the name of mulbasi (indigenous). What is the Janajatese (gypsy) conspiracy  and population in Nepal and reason of cheating also are sent with this letter. As such are my effects of one decade:-

1.  After turning down recognize  of Mongol National Organization (MNO); I went to Supreme Court for justice and human rights and spent five long years from single bench to review bench but in vain. I found every where is racial discrimination.

2. I went to the election twice thinking that my voice can be raised in the parliament, which will be the mulbasi (indigenous) voice for justice and human rights. But in view of money power and political power and very poor thinking of grass roots I failed twice. Conspiracy  against me was hunting me; just to make me desperate and frighten. The congress candidate through his hooligans spread rumor of my head was 10 million (one crore) rupees. Due to floating  of congress money some of the ruffians took MNO flag from the mast and put congress flag at night. It was done so just to confuse my voters. A murderer was accompanied to congress candidate and his supporter and used him just to disturb my election campaign as well as mass meeting. The congress candidate gave useless and false assurance to the youth and said they will be sent to Arab country for job. Beside this kinds of filthy practice the prime minister visited my constituency by helicopter just to give the people handsome assurance and hope.

3. The UML communist gangster campaign filthy role against me. They say me foreigner. It was like that of the role played by BJP in India against MS Sonia Gandhi. What a pity, even the candidate and his education campaigner don not no the meaning of foreigner. In such a practice the hooligans of of the congress and UML communist attacked Mongol National Organization (MNO) candidate at Dolkha district and obe of the candidates was kidnapped by congress hooligans from 11 Am to 7 PM and prevented him from being filling nomination. These are some of the burning examples of democracy as well as human rights to mulbasi (indigenous) in Nepal.

4. I have been fighting for democracy and human rights openly since 1980; by writing books, articles, through organization and delivering speeches etc. I was arrested  under treason act ind 1988 and was sent to prison for three years and released after the restoration of multiparty system in 1990.

5. First phase of removing racism in Nepal this country should follow up policy  of republican, secularism and province wise govt.Thus, I appealed to the king to remain life president and declare secularism and province wise govt in 1995. But no response yet. No Nepali papers from Nepal give any news about MNO and myself. But some Indian  English and Hindi paper published from India. I requested to two major parties leaders Mr.Girja Pd Koirala and Mr.Man Mohan Adhikari to put forward proposal of constitutional amendment to that MNO will be recognized. But the racist leaders were mum.

6. Tje Hindu king of Nepal is the emblem of racist, imperialist and family ruler like Rana. Nepal is made one of the poorest countries of the world from time of single panchayat party system. Racial discrimination is deep rooted and corruption, nepotism, communalism is imposed from upward to down ward. More than 53% people are below poverty level. That means more than 10 million (one crore) people are in below poverty level and they are mulbasi (indigenous) Mongol people. There is no power to control corruption, nepotism and racial discrimination because of vested interest of power politics.

7. A and B class Hindu Aryan are fighting for power and chair; I have been fighting for country, identity, justice, republican and secularism country and province wide govt and human rights. Janjatese (gypsy) are looking for merciful bread and bone from their boss of Rajastan. Status of Janjatese in Hindu society is below the dog. Because the are ati sudra or sub caste.

8. There js no difference in race and religion between the king and people of other countries  where as in Nepal is not such countries. Here is a vast difference in Nepal between Mongol and Hindu Aryan. The political change of Nepal in 1951 was nothing but transference of ruling power from one despotic family ruler to another alike ruler.

9. All anti national ie race, religion, dress, flag, anthem, culture, calender, language, script etc; are made national in Nepal and national are suppressed and everything belonging o them imposed forcefully to the mulbasi (indigenous) Mongol people.

10. Corruption and loan is at the peak of Mount Everest and democracy and human rights are at dead bed. Countries is in mortgage but the grass roots have no idea about loan, donation and the root cause of their poverty. The few corrupt people are enjoying every facility.

11. Nepali king is the king of minority (20%) Hindu only. Democracy mean by the people and for the people and secularism is one of the pillars of democracy. In Nepal king is neither by the people nor of the people nor for the people and it is a communal  and racial Hindu kingdom. Hindu kingdom means a common graveyard to non-Hindu people.

12. I appeal to all the republican and secularism lover of the universe; loaner and donor countries and banks to allow appeal and hell my noble cause.

13. As I have mentioned above that my battle  is for country, identity, democracy, justice and human rights. Because we the mulbasi (indigenous) people are in grave danger and the article 4(1) of so called Hindu racial constitution has made us countryless like Jews people before 1948; near about five decades ago. Article  27(1) has reserved right to say Hindu Aryan but prevented us to say Mongol and article 113(3) is imposed upon non-Hindu people and stands barrier against our organization.

14.    I am waiting a hope full and helpful response from the universal democrats and human rights activities; especially from the loaner and donor countries.

15.    Incase of not getting help for my noble cause than I will be bound to move forward with arms for a holy battle to get rid of the hell of racial as  as communal Hindu Domination. Before thus we may burn anti- national dress, constitution, flag, calendar and photograph etc. If ut happens so, we will not be called terrorist but we will be fighting against the racist ruler and terrorism against us. Army may be moved either in civil dress or in army uniform. A huge budget spent for army every year and this army is kept not to resist any foreign invasion but to suppress own people.

Gopal Gurung
Founder President 
Mongol National Organization

Post Box 2828, Kathmandu
Tel:(977-1) 523311
(साभार: नेपाली राजनितीमा मंगोलवाद-बाहुनवाद-माओवाद 
Mongolism-Bahunism-Maoism in Nepalese Politics   

Say 'No democracy no loan. No human rights no donation.' An appeal to the loaner and donor countries of the world

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