मङ्गलबार 22 सेप्टेम्बर 2020

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Rajan Chamling | 26 जून 2020


...Science never have proven the evolution of Earth the exact until today. A Nobel human doesn't consent of controverse that the Earth is significant component of Nature. Mythological stories and imaginable thoughts are of course lie. Human being are the pre-eminent among living organisms in the circumference of the world. When a man forfeits his/her consciousness he/she may loses ethical, sociological status, humanity soul mates and on.......then introduce self expressing himself crystal clear to the society what he have in his gut. That's the productive examples of so called the leaders of Nepal. ....those who always have compelled to stoop downed Nepal in the face of World .
Ending cruel Rana regime the slum of vitiated system throwing to the garbage ... and seeding multi-party system of new management of equal rights and freedom performing last breathe of life to the country... people were being compelled to live in inadequate political situation in the Racism (Apartheid) of Nepal .
In the political history of Nepal there is only one person who rose up the voice of Republican, Secularism and Provincewise government system , who has been prevailed sixth standard among the top ten living Legendary in the world,...Dr. Gopal Gurung . ...If anyone confronts of the saying ...he/she may have grown up in the cultural mind of the leaders quote , "Storing Republican system in Nepal is just like a voyage to America from a pushcart"...of filthy mind of pouring milk to the stones and teaches to drink pee to Human being....and if somebody urges the saying, " might is right "...I request them to see from the third eyes to watch not only to look from the couple of eyes unless not to tempering to find it's deepth . If not then , that will be the shame as a talk infront of the intelligent personalities screaming about Bhanubhakta Acharya being just a talkative . But it doesn't mean that not to consent own thoughts in Republican in a civilised manner .
Nepalese people have never got a single long visioned leader till today to colonized a stable peace and development unlike previous apparent autocratic regime like Nepali congress, Nepal Communist Party ,Mandale and so on....This itself is a misfortune. The leaders of Nepal had always successed to erect Nepal as poorest country in the world . In front face of the world they always promulgate Nepal as uneducated, undeveloped as like Philistine country performing various cruel criminals probably now a most corrupted , sexual crimes and lagging behind to take the first or second position in the world. Simply memorising just not studying it's deepth that our body feels irritating pain,... that the special truth is the political power is in the hand of foreigner refugee Hindu bahun-chettri those who have entered Nepal nearly five hundred and twenty five years ago or 1495 onwards.......
In the political history of Nepal the constitution is formally articled seventh times. But the own nations are never been addressed. The majority 80% non-hindus indigenous Mongol people have always been suppressed and titled savaged , drunkard and worthless to whim knaverying with nomadic , gypsies migrants ( aadibasi -janajati) like refugee in own country. The more propaganding contractors of nomadic migrants (aadibasi-janajati) are so called Nepal Communist Party . Nepal communist party has corrupted in huge in short span of time roasting people debting unusual taxes for the relishment of President, Prime minister , ministers, leaders , co-leaders and the high leveled burocrats won't need to recognize and is seen by the naked eyes. Let the soul not to be crooked in his/her asleep of Hanuman ( monkey-man) ediot of Mongol faced brothers and sisters those who have directly or indirectly voted to such corrupted party in coming days...
Therefore, let the codgered age of grabbed thoughts to the quotes of Karl Marks ..."Religion is an Ophium" ... likewise Albert Einstein revered the philosophy of "Buddha" to revolt for the change in equality, liberty, and fraternity with honoring praise to Undying Human Dr. Gopal Gurung's philosophy and let be his real , loyal , courageous, impartial ideological Mongol militant . Let be bound perpetual faith in MONGOL NATIONAL ORGANIZATION .... Hail Mongol...!!!

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